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The Zodiac killer is after the remaining members of the Zodiac Society, and no one is safe. With the case heating up, Detective Darek Blake, the Zodiac's Sagittarius, finds himself growing closer to the fire when a piece of evidence can directly link his involvement. Not wanting to be outed, he takes extreme measures to protect himself as his personal life crumbles.

Bay Collins seeks revenge when he learns the identity of Max's partner in crime, but will that be enough to stop the Zodiac killer before they kill again?

Crime & Thrillers
27 December
BrixBaxter Publishing

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Mysnowmouse ,

The Zodiac Killers Complete Series 1-13

This book, Sagittarius, is the last in a collection of thirteen books making up the series, The Zodiac Killers, which must be read in sequence to find the true ending. Each book tells a story of the person who owns that particular Zodiac sign, what has happened in their lives and how they get to where they are in the story. Each sign and the character associated with it have their own tale to tell, which dominates each book drawing in other Zodiacs and happenings. Some of the characters are weak, some are strong, whilst others are not as intelligent as they thought they were but all, are successful in their own right to a certain degree. Bay Collins is the strong and irresistible leader of the Zodiacs, dating back to when he formed the brotherhood, or fraternity, when the others were young and impressionable at Camp Victory, or Camp V for short, where a deed was done, which comes back to haunt them approximately eleven years later. Detective Darek Blake of the NYPD wants to be an FBI Special Agent but when certain things start to happen not only is he prepared to turn a blind eye to certain activities to protect the other Zodiacs but more importantly, to keep the truth from getting out and jeopardising his career. Darek plays his part in each book as he is central to each storyline interacting with each character’s sign, having a Zodiac sign of his own and a story to tell. Watch out for the intriguing Lizzie, the sensual Raven, thought provoking Max and a certain Club that is owned by Bay and entertains in more ways than one. Admittedly, it is an expensive way to find out the true ending and hats off to the authors for thinking up such an extravagance but if you like psychological crime thrillers, then the more you get into this series the less you will be able to leave it.

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