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Don't get ripped off in Vietnam.

Buying any product or service in Vietnam can frustrate the bravest travelers. Often there are no posted prices, and visitors are fleeced. Don't be clueless. Don't get scammed. Saigon Secrets is Elly Thuy Nguyen's insider guide to paying local prices and saving money in Vietnam. You'll know where to shop, what to buy, and all the hows and whys of saving money in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese locals don't know all this.

Elly gives you the lowdown.

Saigon Secrets details prices Vietnamese people pay for everything from a cup of coffee to a motorcycle taxi ride to a massage to a bowl of noodles. It also covers tipping tips: don't believe the lie told to tourists that you must tip everywhere, but at the same time, know where tipping is absolutely required. Don't fall for common scams. Don't unknowingly hand your money to the mafia, thinking you're helping street children.

Shop like you mean it.

Some things are a great deal in Saigon: for example, unbranded (or fake-branded) clothes, and top-quality eyeglasses and dental work. Other things are way too expensive in Saigon: for example, brand-name clothes and cosmetics, and most types of electronics. Know the difference, and know where to buy what. Saigon Secrets is like having a knowledgeable local friend in Saigon.

Learn the locals' hacks.

You can skip the line at the airport visa counter and you can also get a ride from the airport into town for under $0.50 USD. You're welcome.

Saigon Secrets is looking out for you in Vietnam.

Elly can't be there with you. She'd love to actually, but, well, no, she has to go to work and get her motorbike fixed and take care of her cat and have dinner with her grandparents. So she's sending you into town with this book. It's almost as good as having Elly along with you, and unlike Elly, it's not always stopping to drink coffee and take pictures.

Enjoy Vietnam.

Vietnam is a spectacular place. With Saigon Secrets, you can avoid the bad stuff, and focus on the good.

Travel & Adventure
March 20
Elly Thuy Nguyen

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