Sash of Fulfilment

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"Sash of Fulfilment" is the first interactive digital edition (i.d.e.) only publication on the work of the Nigerian born artist Leo Asemota. This eBook was conceptualised by the artist to finalise the art event "Sash of Fulfilment" which was held  in 2013 at the British Museum and in the Contemporary Rooms at EoTLA. 

"Sash of Fulfilment" involved a performance art work, artist talk and an exhibition as part of "The Ens Project" the multipartite art work Asemota embarked on in spring 2005. Aspects of this event is presented in this considered multi-touch book which presents a chance to engage the breadth of the art event and explore Asemota's work in the context of "The Ens Project".

- This edition features "Sash of Fulfilment realtime", the video recording of the parade in one long take

- Audio clips from the discussion between Leo Asemota and British Museum curator Chris Spring

- An interactive image gallery of the art works in the display in the Contemporary Rooms at EoTLA in London.

- Biographical notes on the artist Leo Asemota and curator Chris Spring

- A short glossary from the expansive "Ens Cyclopaedia" on "The Ens Project"

- Links to the artist's website on "The Ens Project"

    Arts & Entertainment
    22 March
    Made at EoTLA

    Customer Reviews

    art it! ,

    Well thought out.

    I attended all the events in the program and this just completes the experience. Well thought out.

    i digit all ,

    Needs more information

    Actually feels like a real book, only more interactive. Very practical. Let down with not enough information on the ens project.

    xoko-london ,


    Even in this digital format, it's still consummately Asemota and utterly satisfying. Its other accomplishment is how accessible it makes "The Ens Project" which this is also a part of.