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This is book 2 of the Steel Jockeys MC series! Book 3 is available everywhere now!

I won't take no for an answer.

I claimed my best friend's little sister.

I don't give a f**k if she wants this.

I don't give a f**k if it's wrong.

Tonight, she'll learn the truth: she belongs to me now.

I swore I'd keep her safe.

That's the last thing I said to him – her brother, my best friend – before he died in my arms.

Keeping her safe meant keeping her far the hell away from the Steel Jockeys MC.

A little girl like Ruby had no business getting mixed up with a clubhouse full of cold-blooded killers, hitmen, outlaws, and bikers.

We drank too much.

Rode too hard.

F**ked too loud and far too often.

So, for seven years, I kept her away.

And I upheld my oath to my fallen brother-in-arms.

But all of a sudden, Ruby isn't a little girl anymore.

She's a woman.

Not just any woman – she's a motherf**king beauty.

Hair like a sunlit waterfall, skin pure and flawless, curves that test the strength of my zipper.

Like it happened overnight, she went from being my best friend's kid sister…

To a woman that I'd kill to have.

The only problem is, other people feel the same.

Especially the men who slaughtered her brother.

And they're coming back to finish the job they started seven years ago.

But there's a difference.

This time around, I'm ready for war.

Because if those sick sons of b!tches think they can take Ruby from me, they've got another thing coming.

From the second I saw her, I knew one thing: this girl was mine now.

And there's not a single man, dead or alive, who gets to lay a damn finger on what's mine.

I'm a motherf**king savage rebel.

And I'll kill to protect my woman.

July 13
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