Save your Gallbladder

And what to do if you've already lost it

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Bestselling author  Sandra Cabot MD and naturopath Margaret Jasinska 

provide a comprehensive step by step plan for dissolving gallstones and improving gallbladder function.  A book to help everyone affected by disease of the gallbladder or bile ducts.

If you are having gallbladder problems, whether you have already lost it or not, this book tells you what to do. Gallbladder disease can be painful and frightening, which explains why many people are rushed off to surgery to have their gallbladder removed. Is this the best thing to do? Are we panicking? These decisions are complex and serious and thus it takes an expert in liver and gallbladder problems like Dr Sandra Cabot to help you make sense of it.

Your gallbladder is precious and supports optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients and some people have complications after surgery, some people still have the same pain after surgery some people never feel well after having their gallbladder removed.

Thankfully, Dr Cabot has written this book to help you and your doctor make the best decisions.

In most cases there are safe natural alternatives that can help you to save your gallbladder, dissolve stones and restore healthy gallbladder and liver function.

In this book you will find the following information:

Types of gallbladder disorders covered in this book

Risk factors for gallbladder disease

Symptoms of gallbladder dysfunction

Symptoms of a gallbladder attack

The natural treatment of gallstones

The seven essential strategies for treating gallbladder disease

1. Keep the bile fluid and keep it moving - ie. prevent bile stasis and bile sludge

2. The best foods and herbs for the gallbladder

Raw vegetable juice for the gallbladder

Green goodness soup for the gallbladder

Raw beetroot salad for the gallbladder

3. Keep your bowel moving and avoid constipation

4. Take the right nutrients necessary for healthy bile

5. Reduce cholesterol

6. Avoid problem foods and fix your digestion

Coeliac disease and gallstones

Food allergies and gallstones

7. Eat the right fats

First aid remedies for easing the pain of a gallbladder attack

To flush or not to flush: when is it safe and appropriate to do a gallbladder flush?

Safe and effective gallbladder flush

Gallbladder remedies cheat sheet

summary of the most important points

Basic structure and function of the gallbladder

What goes wrong - why do gallstones form?

Thick and stagnant bile - a recipe for stone formation

Diagnosis of gallbladder disease

Blood tests

What if it’s not your gallbladder after all?

The conventional medical treatment of gallstones

Non-surgical medical treatments for gallstones

Sometimes it has to go!

Signs and symptoms that indicate your gallbladder should come out

Other conditions affecting the gallbladder or bile ducts.95

Gallbladder conditions during pregnancy

How to live well without a gallbladder

Strategies for maintaining good health without a gallbladder

Recipes and Food Ideas

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Having had my gallbladder removed, I started looking for information in how to live a healthy life without it. It´s amazing how harmful a lack of information on this subject can be. Surprisingly, not many doctors would provide you with the amount of rich knowledge you get from this book. A must for anyone willing to ´listen´to your liver, gallbladder and digestive system.

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