Scar Tissue Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue

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Ever face the dilemma of choosing between life or death, staying or walking away, remembering or forgetting, trying harder or giving up? Most of our life’s moments are spent deciding between one and the other, but imagine doing so with all your good and bad memories playing before your eyes in full technicolor…even fresher than your morning coffee’s aroma lingering in your house after you wake up. Scar Tissue brings forth to life a similar situation, with Elsa – a 20-year-old girl at the precipice of life and death as she weighs the importance of her life through some treasured memories. This short story includes some well-known words of prose and poetry, giving readers a fresh start with its wide inclusion of famous musical lyrics and references too. It’s like reading a journal entry you might have written in a past forgotten life, because Scar Tissue connects with each and every one of you, in one way or the other.
Caught in that stage of life where she must decide whether to carry on holding life’s hand or float atop the clouds of death, Elsa must realize what and who matters to her and who doesn’t. What is a passing moment and what is a permanent experience. Diagnosed with suicidal tendencies, she is provided help by the hands of someone she calls the man in the whites – her psychiatrist, who must find a way to cure what Elsa calls ‘the raven in her head.’ Without pushing her towards the edge of life once again, he must get her to realize the truth and resurrect her will to live, forever and always.
All of us fight battles others don’t know anything about – even those we deem the closest to us. All in the name of love and faith, we learn to either win those battles or pass on trying. Scar Tissue is an account of a person doing the same thing…except that it is made all the more juicy and creative by including beauteous references to words written by the likes of Sylvia Plath, Fernando Pessoa and Charles Bukowski; as well as lyrics including some by Nirvana, Matchbox Twenty, Florence+The Machine and some others.
So if you've ever felt torn between life and death and helpless, take a trip down memory lane with Elsa in Scar Tissue.

Fiction & Literature
19 August
Tehreem Ali

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