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She married her one-night stand to keep him out of prison...

Henrik Haller is the worst kind of womanizer. He's an alpha werewolf and a SEAL, and after a one-night stand with curvy Celia Snow, he knows he might have just found his mate. But when he kills to protect her, she agrees to a sham marriage to save his hide.

He's insufferable and full of himself, and she loves to hate him...

Haller doesn't seem to realize the marriage is fake, but she's seen his inner wolf at its worst, and she's afraid he's too dangerous to be with. But Haller won't take no for an answer, and it's oh-so hard to say no to those rock-hard abs and devilish charm.

But when things get dangerous, she's glad her husband is a Navy SEAL...

He's a Navy SEAL turned mercenary, and he's the kind of man that has a lot of enemies. When the most monstrous of shifters swears revenge on him and his wife, Haller shows that his bite is even worse than his bark. He'll do anything to protect his wife.

Will it be enough to convince Celia that he's not just a fake husband, and that he's worthy of being her mate? 

Find out in this first book in the SHIFT Squad Series by Aya Morningstar with dragons, steamy sex, and a great Happily Ever After! With NO cliffhanger!

9 July
Wild Hearts Romance

Customer Reviews

Tishluv ,

Feel good book

This was a feel good story.

Sam the fearfull ,

Sealed to the alpha

This book was amazing I couldn't put it down well done to the author x

Bad Books Co. ,

Sexism? In This Romance Novel? It’s more Likely a Than You Think!

Heller is everything a woman could want in a man - muscular, tall, a good cook (even though he has, one can infer, apparently never eaten a vegetable before), and has an internal monologue somewhere between Harvey Weinstein and a caveman. (How different those two are is arguable but you get my point.)

His ‘wolf’ is written as primal and hot blooded - which is basically male author speak for shockingly sexist. Oscar Wilde said ‘’Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.’’. I always found this interesting but after reading ‘Sealed to the Alpha Wolf’ I’m starting to believe Aya Morningstar took this quote to heart a little too forcefully.

One can only make so many animal based novels before someone starts calling you a furry after all.

Kidding, kidding!

At least we know Aya has a soft spot for women as he? she? (the pseudonym is so painfully obvious I don’t want to misgender them seeing as we are in the dark as to their actual identity... Thank God) writes a beautifully feminist ending where (spoilers!!) Haller drops everything (with ease!) and becomes a chef (how hard can it be! it’s just a teeny tiny change in career after all! mercenary and restauranteur - what’s the difference??). Proving once and for all that Yes! Men can do it just as well!

The fact that he considered parsley (a HERB) a vegetable mere weeks (if that!!) before is a technicality and, as is made evident by the entire novel, not to be bothered with in Aya’s view.

Not bad for your average middle class soccer mom, wouldn’t recommend to anyone with more than a few battered brain cells but overall an enjoyable 30 minutes (discounting the whole bomb under chair scene - that could be a whole nother review I’m telling you).

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