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A caring mother struggles against the prejudices of the 1950s, with tragic consequences...

Second Chance of Sunshine is a captivating tale of a woman gaining her independence, in a poignant London saga from much-loved author Pam Evans. Perfect for fans of Sheila Newberry and Cathy Sharp.

'Evans has a real feel for the people and places of the South East. In this colourful picture of life in post-war London there is a strong sense of community and a finely drawn illustration of the tension caused by the changing role of women in society... Warm, entertaining and peopled with lovable characters' - Lancashire Evening Post

It's 1956, and while many women are doing jobs they'd never dreamed of before the war, Molly Hawkins is chained firmly to the kitchen sink. Her husband Brian believes his wife's place is in the home, but is too idle to seek regular employment for himself. Molly worries that her six-year-old daughter Rosa is going without, but is willing to sacrifice luxuries - and her own happiness - for her little girl to have a dad.

Then a family friend dies suddenly, leaving Molly a share in a successful pottery business. To Brian's horror, it's on condition that Molly takes a job at the pottery. Seizing the chance to bring in much needed income, Molly accepts the position, and soon gains strength from her new-found independence. It's a strength she will need to take her through the tragedy that lies ahead...

What readers are saying about Second Chance of Sunshine:

'I have read many Pamela Evans novels and have always thoroughly enjoyed them - these are the sort of novels that should be turned into Sunday afternoon watching, they are easy, they hold the reader and you can guarantee that all will come right in the end despite the ups and downs along the way'

'Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It makes for pleasurable, laidback, and captivating reading'

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November 25

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