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Guarding a secret and playing with fire has never been a good combination

Four years ago, Holly Scallenger embarked on the most difficult journey of her life. As if being a single parent isn't already stressful enough, Holly also attended med-school, in hopes of helping other pregnant women in a way she wasn't helped. But things don't look so good as she has to embark on a new journey—a journey that would take her back to Boston, back to the man who broke her heart and discarded her and her babies.

Sworn to never fall for him again, Holly is put to the test once more when a chance encounter reunites them.

Secret Love is the second novel in the 4Ever series by Isabella White

June 28
Fire Quill Publishing

Customer Reviews

doughtnut199090 ,

Secret Love

Brilliant sequel!!! Really wish fof another please

Yvesme ,

Great read

Great page turning sequel

💥book geek Lou17 ,


Can't deny this book kept me gripped. Mainly because I wanted to know how long and what would happen when it came to a head. With both books there's sections of the middle that seem to be a little monotonous and it gets dragged out and I'm still left with questions. Does or will he work it out with his mum? What happens when he does leave a kid he's been parenting? Does she ever get bk in contact with Bernie? Why wasn't a red flag raised when she told her doctor in Seattle about who gave her the formula shakes? Surely he was contacted and he would of thought of her? Why was this thing about him wanting to be with a married woman before always brought up? I thought there was going to be a reason for that. Why was she really that pathetic that after everything she couldn't tell him no? I mean come on especially after the first time and he left her, you would rather have some pride left. I was actually annoyed with him by a certain stage especially because of how he wanted both. It's not like he even stopped with Kate or was sorry when he was caught even tho technically they were the couple at that point. But it made me feel like too much was happening to holly and I think the author just gt carried away thinking of too many things to put in at once. Done get me started on the whole greys anatomy copy cat scenarios. But..like I say I was gripped I didn't get no sleep cuz I just wanted to know and now I do

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