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Create the relationship with men that you never thought possible – world renowned relationship counsellor, Barbara de Angelis shows you how.


6 biggest mistakes women make with men
• what men say…and what they really mean
• men’s top twenty turnoffs
• how to spot – and avoid – the men that will give you the most trouble.
• how to get the man you love to open up
• techniques for becoming a powerful woman


Readers’ praise for Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know:

“I read this book many years ago and having just celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary feel I am in a position to confirm how brilliant this book is. It completely changed my preconceptions that I wasn’t even aware of… Barbara encouraged me to chuck ‘em out and enjoy life and enjoy my husband!” Gigi

“One of the few books I’ve read which is worth its weight in gold.” Anon

“Loved it. My bible.” Shurooq

“Excellent… Highly recommended if you want to have a better understanding of men.” Marwa Ayad

“Barbara talks to women as adults, which makes a refreshing change from a lot of relationship books.” Anon

About the author

Barbara De Angelis is after John Gray, possibly the world’s premier relationships psychologist. Her previous titles include Are You The One For Me. She is the author of The 100 Most Asked Questions About Love, Sex, and Relationship and The Real Rules.

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Customer Reviews

Rivertana ,

Not good

I was curious and downloaded the sample. Very basic stuff going on there (surely MOST people, male AND female choose to sit with their back to a wall?) Crafty too...good psychology to put a quiz at the end of the sample book- so you have to spend £4.99 to find out your score! I won't be- as this book tells me nothing new- stick to "men are from Mars"

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