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The alchemy of business success

Seven outstanding entrepreneurs and leaders reveal the secrets of building a successful business

Why do some ideas flourish into large, valuable businesses whilst others come to nothing? What is the special alchemy behind the most successful businesses?

In The Secrets of the Seven Alchemists, John Rosling, serial entrepreneur, author and speaker, sets out to answer these questions and reveals for the first time a unique, step-by-step methodology for business success. This is a tried and tested blueprint that has been used by entrepreneurs who have built businesses to and beyond £10m and now you can find out how to apply it to your own business, maximising your wealth, enjoyment and freedom.

This framework for success is brought to life through fascinating, entertaining and startlingly candid interviews with seven inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders who have created highly successful businesses that are extraordinarily wealth generative whilst being easy to run and a joy to own. There is nothing high-tech or revolutionary about the sectors these businesses operate in and they do not rely on world-changing inventions. In fact there is nothing remarkable in their stories other than the brilliance with which they have built the assets in their businesses. That is their alchemy.

The distillation of the wisdom and experience of these seven business alchemists, combined with the framework described by John Rosling, provides new clarity on the question of how a business should be set up and managed to truly maximise its value. It will inspire business owners and managers and put them on their own path to building an asset-rich business. It is time to learn the secrets of the seven alchemists.

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July 31
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