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I’m Sterling Sparrow, kingpin of Chicago. 

I rule the world you see and the one good people pretend they don’t. 

Nearly two decades ago, my father showed me a photograph—a girl with golden hair and light brown eyes—and told me that one day, if I proved myself, the girl would be mine. 

Seasons turn to years and years pass. 

Chicago is now mine. 

It is time to claim my queen. 

“Araneae McCrie, I’m Sterling Sparrow, and you’re my queen. I get what I want and I want you.” 

By New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig, the twisted and intriguing storytelling that you loved in Consequences and Infidelity is back in the Sparrow Webs. Web of Sin is a dangerous, gritty romance, complete with an all-new alpha anti-hero who will haunt your dreams and your fantasies. 

“Have you been Aleatha’d?” 

SECRETS is book one of Sterling and Araneae’s story, Web of Sin. Their story continues in LIES and concludes in PROMISES. It’s time to begin Sparrow Webs.

October 30
Romig Works LLC

Customer Reviews

Gemelizabeth82 ,

Just... wow!!!

What an absolutely incredible book! I read it in record time and couldn’t wait one second to get started on part 2 (Lies)

Anniebakie ,


A genuine highly recommended must read by the great author Aleatha Romig. If this book doesn’t make the best sellers list I’ll eat my hat! Literally!
“Secrets” the first book of the Web Of Sin Trilogy blew me away, OMG 😮 It was amazing from the very first page! The storyline was superb with so many twists and turns. This magnificent book has everything a reader wants, Suspense, major intrigue, betrayal, oh so many secrets, the love of family, hate, fear, deadly mistakes and oh so much more! With Characters that had many persona’s that you loved from the outset.
Adopted Renee was sent away by her fearful adoptive mother to a boarding school in Colorado to keep her safe and told “never return” to Chicago! Years later she now has a joint business with Louisa her BF “Sinful Threads” based in Colorado. If she returns to Chicago, and she has to, problems at their Chicago warehouse, will this be her downfall? Will she ever get her many questions answered, with her only faded photo of her adoptive parents? Would it be better if she stays ignorant as to who she really is and her family secrets? Who is Sterling Sparrow? Why is she being watched? Who is she being protected from? How can Kennedy protect her only friend Louisa and her family in this veil of secrets?
I could go on and on with this review as the book was so fascinating! You simply have to read to get to all the intrigue and answers!
I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving a free copy

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