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Every girl in town wants to win the chance to be the Johnson's babysitter for the summer. And for good reason. They have a beautiful pool, a fully stocked rec room, the best parties and they pay triple the usual rate. They'll even let you bring over your friends. When cheer leader Marcy lands the gig, she thinks she's got it made. But an accidental discovery leads Marcy and the Johnsons into a realm of hidden desires and secrets lusts that could change everything for the three of them.

Excerpt from Seducing the Babysitter:

Mrs. Johnson was resting her hand lightly on the small of Marcy’s back, saying “if you remember to bring your suit, you should feel free to use the pool anytime you like. Of course if you forget it, you can go into the pool house and see if you can find one that fits you there, we have a large number of suits we keep just in case we have guests. Or you can just go au naturale as long as Michael is asleep by then.”

“What’s au naturale” Marcy asked?

Mrs. Johnson laughed. “That means naked, dear. It’s French. You know, like French kissing,” she finished, with a smile.

Marcy liked the easy, casual way the older woman touched her as she guided her around the pool and over to a gravel walkway that led back up the hill towards the front of the house. She would casually rest her hand on her back, or gently take her arm and walk with her that way. She kept trying not to think naughty thoughts, but she was such a sexy woman and her perfume was very distracting as well.

They went back into the house, this time off to the right down the hallway to where the bathrooms and bedrooms where. There were two guest bedrooms, and Mrs. Johnson said “we do sometimes come home very late, so please make sure your parents know that. You’re welcome to sleep here on those nights if that suits you better, rather than go home at 3 or 4 in the morning.”

Fiction & Literature
April 25
Virginia Flowers

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seducing the babysitter

just finished reading this very sexy story it was a cracking read

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