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Eve and Mary are enjoying a lesbian threesome with a horny guest when her husband walks in! His shock soon turns to lust - luckily for him, his wife is happy to watch him enjoy a threesome of his own. The girls leave him completely satisfied and are about to escape to the privacy of their room for some fun of their own, but Alex needs Eve to work!

James arrives, hoping to hook up with Eve again, and he finds Mary is no longer the shy wallflower he met a few weeks ago. After her exploits in the spa she is incredibly horny, but she is surprised when a little playful flirting quickly develops into the best sex she's ever had!

Meanwhile, Eve and Alex are planning something that will give her an even bigger thrill....

Excerpts -

'Hi honey, I hope you don't mind - we got a bit carried away!'

'Course not, babe…' He struggled to find any more to say, and Eve filled the silence.

'Of course he doesn't mind Jo, we're only having a bit of fun! In fact, I think it would be nice if he joined in - it seems only fair!'

'Are you sure you don't want me to wait outside?'

'Oh no, I know you're a man of the world, and I've decided I like to show my body off! You do like my figure, don't you?' Mary dropped her shorts to the floor, and James' eyes danced over her curves.

'Oh yes! You're really hot!'

Warning: This story contains explicit scenes of sex between women and men. Adults only, please!

Fiction & Literature
18 November
Rory Hitch

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