Sex in the Sun - Mile High Club

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Join two sexy young women as they head for a summer of erotic adventures in the Mediterranean! Eve is an uninhibited pleasure seeker who just loves sex, and in this episode she livens up her journey with a brief encounter with a handsome and muscular customs officer. She likes girls too, so when a pretty stewardess catches her eye during the flight she soon finds herself joining the lesbian mile high club! Neither girl expected the captain to walk in on them.... Mary is much more reserved, and has only had one boyfriend. However, the summer will change her forever and she is destined to transform from an innocent girl next door to a sexy young woman who'll try anything once....or twice! Join these gorgeous girls on a journey filled with sex, fun, sex, adventure and more sex! Excerpts - 'I'm just worried about a man that might have a concealed weapon', said Eve, looking up at him with big blue eyes, trying to look sexy and innocent at once. 'I think it needs to be dealt with.' She had her fingers on a blouse button and idly undid it, letting it gape open so he could see her sexy red bra and the firm boobs it was struggling to contain. His face was a picture as he realized her plans, but he kept his cool. 'Now, young lady, do you feel comfortable handling a weapon, or would you like me to do it?' 'I'm sure you're an expert, but….' Eve's hands slid up his thighs............. 'Could I come past please miss, I just need to put this box in the cupboard behind you.' Eve smiled, knowing this little speech was for the benefit of the passengers in earshot, though as they were at the back of the plane no-one could see them. Eve stood back a little and the stewardess brushed past her, the fingers of her free hand sliding over Eve's tummy. The stewardess unlocked the cupboard door. It was bigger than Eve had expected, certainly bigger than the toilet cubicle, but before Eve could speak the stewardess had grabbed her arm and pulled her inside, closing the door. It seemed she wanted to take charge............. Warning: This story contains explicit scenes of sex between women and men. Adults only, please! 5258 words.

Fiction & Literature
3 March
Rory Hitch

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