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Kevin had spent so much of his married life creating the ultimate sex machine for his wife to enjoy but by the time the machine was finally ready for a human guinea pig, his wife had moved out and he had no lover to try it out on.

Fortunately Louise, his teenage daughter's best friend treated the house like a second home and had always been curious about what was being built down in the cellar, so when she finds herself all alone in the house one day, and the cellar door left open one day, Louise can't help but investigate ...


Kevin checked the readings again. Louise’s heart rate was over 150 beats per minute, her pupils were dilated and she was sweating like a mare on heat. Interestingly he noted that her womanhood was also secreting juices. He had read that there was a fine line between fear and arousal and that theory appeared to be bearing fruit. He was almost scaring the teen into an orgasm.

Another two little metal arms were now waving around in front of Louise. These had vicious looking claws at the end. Slowly and surely they moved towards her and then gripped her cashmere sweater, pulling the material to either side to hold it taut. The spinning wheel came forward to slice the material neatly right down the middle to reveal her white bra. Louise was completely helpless to do nothing but watch with wide eyes as the claws pulled her wrecked jumper down her arms and in a matter of a couple of seconds had also sliced through her bra straps. The claws removed those threads of material too and all of a sudden she was topless, her perky little breasts on display in her neighbour’s cellar.

Fiction & Literature
February 28
Erotic Dreams

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