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This is a saucy, rib tickling account of beautiful Andrea’s sexual life from schooldays to middle aged womanhood.
Her boyfriend at school Robert, who later on in life becomes her husband, starts her off on the adventure. She romps through university having sexual liaisons with more men than she can count.
Work life in the financial services industry in the city brings more lovers and affairs, some with married men, one of whom takes her off to a chateau in Switzerland for a weekend. In time she is then transferred to a similar highly paid work post in her own town There she can indulge herself in a new house, expensive cars, clothes, hairdos and make-up. In time she settles down with one man, Tony. Their relationship involves co-habiting at weekends.
Then Robert comes back into her life and changes everything. They embark on a whirlwind sexual affair, which causes the end of her relationship with Tony. Eventually she and Robert marry and have two children, although that hardly abates their sexual desire for each other. Later in life Robert suffers from depression and lack of sexual drive. Andrea resorts to a brief affair with Brian a much younger man. A feeling of guilt, on her part, ends that.
When her sexual urges again become unsatisfied she finds comfort in the arms of a close friend, Katryn.
Her story will have you guessing until the end on how her life will finish up.

Fiction & Literature
October 12
Richard F Jones

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