Sherlock Holmes & the Master Engraver Sherlock Holmes & the Master Engraver

Sherlock Holmes & the Master Engraver

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Publisher Description

It is Christmas 1889: Sherlock Holmes becomes involved in a case of international importance when the senior partner and master engraver of London’s most eminent security printer seeks his aid most urgently; the newly engraved, but as yet unproofed, plates for the next run of official Bank of England £10 notes have been stolen from the company’s high-security vault, with no sign of forced entry to the premises. 

The currency of Great Britain is in grave danger. The Chief Cashier of The Bank of England believes he has no choice but to pay a vast  ransom, but Sherlock Holmes thinks otherwise… 

The secret and illicit printing press is even now running... But where is it located? Holmes and Watson have just five days to unravel the mystery, apprehend the villains and save the nation’s economy from complete collapse – or pay the staggering ransom demand. But there will be perilous consequences; the investigation takes the duo deep into the vilest and most dangerous rookeries of 19th-century London, shocking and brutal murder will be done and in the process Sherlock Holmes will make an implacable and life-long enemy who will pursue him to the end of his days to wreak his revenge.


Ross Husband is a retired film director, marketing and PR consultant, scholar of the English language and etymology, member of The Society of Authors, The Sherlock Holmes Society of London and The Sherlock Holmes Social Network; he lives with Glenys, his partner, in Norfolk, East Anglia and San Agustin, Gran Canaria.

With some forty years’ experience of writing for technical and professional journals, newspapers and documentary films, this is his first work of fiction.

Based on a deep affection from childhood for the legendary characters of Sherlock Holmes and his loyal colleague Doctor John Watson, this debut novel is the first of six stories comprising an officially authorised continuation series - The Revival of Sherlock Holmes – offered as a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the immortal characters he created. 

“These stories do not attempt to update, alter, or lampoon the original genre, which in my view requires no improvement. Conan Doyle’s format is sound,” he comments. Unlike many other Sherlock Holmes pastiches, these stories are authorised and approved under contract in the USA by Conan Doyle Estate Ltd, and by Jonathan Clowes in the UK and European Union countries. They are respectfully offered to those many devotees of Conan Doyle’s original canon of work who perhaps yearn for some more in the same vein – unadorned, unmodernised, vintage Sherlock Holmes.

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1 August
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