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How does a slim beauty burst her seams? By submitting to one steamy dom. In this three-book-bundle, she begs for more of his belly-bursting, humiliating discipline. No matter how big she bulges or how tight she swells, she can't stop stuffing until he's satisfied. Will he ever be? Her swollen, strained belly hopes so. Or does it?

Books Include:
Ashley's Expanding: Ashley has always been small, but age and decadence are rounding her out. When she submits to her new curvy bod and meets a mysterious feeder, she discovers just how sexy her ballooning body can be. She's hot on being stuffed big, round and tight by an alpha who knows how to push a girl to eat up and to stretch her limits, even as she's all tied up and steamy, and her belly begs for mercy.

If the Uniform Fits (Ashley's High School Reunion) - She was a thin cheerleader once, but has blown up big time thanks to her alpha's discipline. And, she's been invited to her high school reunion! She must display her ballooning body to classmates who expect a cheerleader's sleek physique. When she encounters the bad boy that got her hot for rough and steamy games, he reacts forcefully to her unexpectedly plump physique. And did we mention the mean girls who can't resist taunting this former cheerleader who might just burst her skirt?

Ashley's Sweet Revenge - Ashley channels her burgeoning mean streak to make a frenemy pay in a big way. Let's just say for Ashley, the best revenge is a dish served forcefully, and she won't stop until her nemesis is bloated, swollen and publicly humiliated.

Fiction & Literature
May 30
Faith Brightwing

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