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Packed full of advice and information, “Shetland Pony: Purchase And Care Guide” offers the first time horse owner a step by step progression from the first enquiry through to purchase and care of their animal. 

This book takes the reader through the different stages of buying or loaning a Shetland Pony and then covers all the requirements essential for care whether the pony is being kept on a livery yard or at home. This book covers all bases – feeding, watering, grooming, grassland management, veterinary care, breaking in a young horse, travelling and transport and saying goodbye – so that the reader can understand the challenges and excitement of owing a pony.

It is written very much with the first time owner in mind from a writer who is very experienced at distilling sometimes complex and overwhelming information and presenting this to someone new to the subject. This book does not intend therefore to be an authoritative guide but does set out the parameters of horse ownership in a very practical and constructive way. This book is about the Shetland Pony so there is a very interesting chapter about this breed although much of the subject matter relates to all ponies and will therefore be a very useful guide to anyone thinking of buying a pony.

There are interesting anecdotes and references to the wider equestrian world which is a benchmark of the writer’s experience. All in all, an excellent introduction to the concept of new pony ownership and everything that this can involve.

Covered in this book:

- Origin

- What to buy

- Where to buy

- Trying ponies before purchase

- Vetting

- Bringing home your pony

- Grassland and stabling

- Exercise and ridden work

- Caring for your horse

- Grooming

- Feeding

- Daily routine

- Weekly routine

- Monthly routine

- Minor ailments

- Costs

- Travelling

.... and much more

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August 18
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