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This is a collection of fifteen short tales. Each one is told from a gay perspective insofar as all the stories are about men and their relationships. The stories include romance and also tales of hardship and loss.

An excerpt from 'Déjà vu':
Charlie didn't bother to look up when he heard the chime of the bell over the coffee shop door. “Sorry, we are closed,” he shouted out as he continued to scrub down the counter.
A throat being cleared very close by startled him and he jerked back. He had assumed they had left, whoever they were. He raised his head and was startled again by the sight in front of him. His jaw dropped open. The young man on the other side of the counter was an exact double of...
As the stranger stared at him with an apologetic look on his face, Charlie fought to contain his emotions. He felt the tears pricking at his eyes and he blinked them away. This was stupid. There was no way…
“I'm sorry,” said the stranger. “I know you said you’re closed, but…” The man trailed off. His facial expression changed to something Charlie couldn't interpret.
Charlie mentally shook himself as he stared back at the stranger. His imagination was playing tricks with him, obviously. He hadn't slept well last night and he had just worked a twelve hour shift. He was tired, that’s all. He frowned at his own thoughts and finally found his voice. “Can I help you?”

Fiction & Literature
November 30
JC Dixon

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