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Competing at dog shows is an excellent way for the family - both young and old alike - to enjoy a hobby together. Many people enter this sport first with a family pet as a fun day out and then move on to more serious competition at championship level. The ultimate goal for most newcomers is to qualify for Crufts and perhaps even win the much coveted Best in Show award. This book takes you step by step through the process of what is required to enjoy showing a dog. It will tell you: - How to choose a good quality pedigree puppy and understand its health requirements - How to train and prepare from day one through to that first dog show - How to enter a show and what to expect - Where to go and when at the dog show, and what to do in the show ring - What clubs, committees and support are available for the novice exhibitor - How to qualify for Crufts and what to expect upon arriving at the World's Greatest Dog Show - What the next step is and whether to purchase another dog, breed a litter or even train to be a judge.

Contents: Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Starting out; 2. Learning to Show 3. Grooming and Presentation; 4. Entering a Show; 5. Travelling with Dogs; 6. The Day of the Show; 7. Rules and Etiquette; 8. Awards and Prizes; 9. Major Champonship Shows; 10. What Next?; The Rainbow Bridge; Glossary; Useful Information; Index.

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October 30
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