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Available for the first time, three full length adult novels in one book! 112,000 words of the best Sissy fiction in print. This wonderful book includes Forced to be a Sissy Maid, Total Surrender: The Story of a Sissy Maid and Submission of the Sissy Maid.

Forced to be a Sissy Maid
Drawn from events that really happened, this is the story of a normal man blackmailed and forced by his wife to serve as her personal maid. Not content with his humiliation and servitude, she pushes him deeper and deeper into forced feminisation. His final downfall comes when she pushes him in to dating a man, leading to addiction, rape and kidnap. This is vivid femdom TV fiction at it's very best, thrilling, exciting and very, very thought provoking.

Total Surrender: The Story of a Sissy Maid
Paul Bramwell is a young, successful Boston lawyer, engaged to the boss's daughter, Allison. He also has a mistress, a beautiful young Palestinian girl, Hana, to whom he lends money. His mistress is exposed as a wanted terrorist and Paul is hunted by the FBI and Homeland security for aiding Al Quaeda. He has to get a new identity to avoid arrest and his fiancée offers to disguise him as a maid. It becomes apparent that she is as ruthless in taking revenge for his betrayal of her as the FBI are in hunting him down. His disguise become more permanent than he had intended and she insists that he must actually live and work as a maid to help him avoid arrest. He becomes totally submerged in his new identity and the grinding servitude from which there seems to be no escape.

Submission of the Sissy Maid
John is a hard working man, a loving husband to Erica whose world is ripped apart when he discovers she has been cheating on him - with other women. She admits she finds women sexually attractive and persuades him to experiment with wearing female clothes to help bring some life back into their marriage. too late, he discovers that she has another agenda, to take away his manhood and keep him in servitude, transformed into an obedient sissy maid.

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April 29
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