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Excerpt: note language not censored in book“Good girl, I see you're learning well,” Beth purred, repeating this facial penetration several times before holding Michael's head against her crotch, grinding her **** down his throat and shivering with ecstasy when she felt Michael's tongue instinctively flick over her ****. Her juices ran down her leg as she approached her climax, but she wanted to prolong the anticipation. Withdrawing her ***** from her boyfriend, she panted, “Oh my God, you really are an amazing **** sucker...oh dear! Didn't I tell you not to mess up your makeup! Here you've gone and smudged that eyeliner! This just won't do, I was going to let you enjoy taking my **** into your mouth, but I think I'm just going to have to **** your ***** instead. Now turn around so I can take you from behind like they slutty dog you are!”Michael immediately complied, his dress sitting mid-thigh as he faced away from Beth on his hands and knees. Looking down, he noticed for the first time how striking his pink nails were, and the feminine feeling this gave him started his own juices flowing. Feeling the precum start to ooze from his flaccid **** in its cage made him hornier than ever, “Please mistress, **** my virgin hole,” Michael could not believe what he was saying. What part of him had put that thought into his head? He immediately felt embarrassed and felt himself blush over his entire body.

Fiction & Literature
June 1
Jenni Ambrose

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