Slave Girls Of Outer Space

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“Honey, you said you were the Number One badass swordswoman in the Queendom you lived in, but you got creamed by a grunt in combat armor,” said Dita. “Now you're chained naked in a cell on a spaceship with a love slave. These are pretty good signs you've been in contact with a more advanced civilization.”

These are the wise words of Dita the love slave to Maria the warrior in the opening scene of “Slave Girls of Outer Space,” the most exciting sexy space opera comedy ever written. It's a lighthearted space opera, with competing interstellar empires, artificial intelligences, aliens, space pirates, intergalactic empires, hair's-breadth escapes, space battles featuring starships firing ravening bolts of utter destruction and of course, mostly naked slave girls slaking their hot, steamy desires with handsome humanoids while they are running wild throughout the galaxy.

. It's just plain fun, like watching a 1980s sexy SF B-movie, minus the stupid, plus the kink!

And if you want a book that is a fun and funny space opera that is EVEN SEXIER than this one, well, you are in luck! I have written an erotic version of this story, with lengthy, lip-smacking descriptions of the sex scenes that are elided in this version.

That's right, YOU make the choice about whether or not you want detailed sexual imagery in this story. If you like reading explicit sex scenes, well, I'm totally down with it, check out “Slave Girls of Outer Space: Erotic Edition” which will be published in the next day or two.

But if you find that lengthy, explicit sex scenes aren't to your taste, buy this book, it's got all the planet-busting science fiction space opera you could ever want plus sexy fun adventures, but it doesn't have any lengthy, explicit sex scenes.

And in case you're thinking this is just erotica with all the sex cut out, think again. The Erotic Edition was written AFTER this story was written, because this story is at heart a smart, fun, exciting science fiction adventure, not just a framework for sex scenes.

Of course, you may read this book and find that you just HAVE to know just how the sex acts known as the Vertical Solar Flare, the Nebular Whirl and the Event Horizontal Bop are performed. Thus you may have to buy BOTH versions. To which I say: “KA-CHING!”

This story is over 25,000 words long, part 1 of a series that will tell the story of Maria and Dita's blazing path through a galaxy of adventure. Enjoy!

Fiction & Literature
2 February
Pat Powers

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