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'The next Single White Female or Damage' Glamour

'Arresting and haunting' Sunday Telegraph

'I was gripped by Briscoe's creepy tale of sexual obsession' Marie Claire

'Will keep you up at night' Erica Wagner, The Times

'Dark, modern, sexy stuff' Mail on Sunday

Richard and Lelia's child is conceived in a moment of giggling chaos as they dress for a Christmas party. They arrive rudely late and still glowing, and barely register a slight, drab woman in the hall. Sylvie. As their baby grows, so does the presence of Sylvie - she seems to be nowhere, yet everywhere, harmless yet sinister. Richard is seduced by her subtle, inexplicable charm, while Lelia, struggling with Richard's sudden ambivalence towards their baby, finds that she is haunted by painful memories. And Sylvie remains as invisible as she wants to be - that is the source of her power. Beware of mice ...

Adapted into a major ITV series by Andrew Davies: an exquisitely dark emotional thriller about marriage, desire and sexual obsession

'Seductive, scary and frighteningly readable' Julie Myerson

'Horribly, grippingly pleasurable … A classic summer page-turner' Observer

'A beautifully written and emotionally candid novel which also happens to be a page-turner' Jonathan Coe, Guardian

'Works in much the same way as an obsession … you wish to escape, but have already become addicted' Daily Telegraph

'Be warned: there's no putting it away afterwards. It gets right under your skin' Guardian

'One of those books that you find yourself thinking about even when you are not reading it' The Times

Joanna Briscoe's brand new novel The Seduction is available for pre-order now...

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May 10
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