Sleeping Amongst Wolves

In Search of the Iberian Wolf

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Discover the Iberian Wolf in this spectacular 164-page multi-touch e-Book. More than 140 previously un-published photographs, with videos and audio recordings created by Andoni Canela.  Foreword by wolf specialist Juan Carlos Blanco.

Nature photographer Andoni Canela publishes a new book about the Iberian wolf in the mountains of northern Spain. The stunning images, accompanied by audio and video, allow us to see at close quarters, the Iberian wolf living in the wild. You can hear them howling under the night sky, observe wolf pack behaviour, witness a mother feeding her young, watch the cubs playing and admire the wolves moving through the winter snow.

In addition, through first-person accounts of Andoni Canela, we discover the secrets of combining professional nature photography with the demands of family life. We also watch as his children (nine and three years old) venture into wild nature and discover the wolf for the first time at their father’s side.

‘Photographing free-living wolves is reserved for the best. Nobody has managed to portray the wild expression of the wolf caught in rocky scree, the games and fights of the pups, (...) the excitement of members from the pack...’ writes Juan Carlos Blanco, biologist and member of the Wolf Specialist of IUCN, in the book’s foreword.

‘Sleeping amongst wolves’ is the first chapter of the ‘Looking for the Wild’, an around the world project searching for some of the most iconic animals from all seven continents. After the Iberian wolf, Andoni Canela will travel to the Rocky Mountains (USA) looking for the American bison. Then, he continues through Patagonia, investigating the puma, and the Antarctic, for the Emperor penguin. The next destination is Australia, looking for the saltwater crocodile. In Southeast Asia, the host will be the Greathornbill. And finally, in Namibia, Canela will follow in the footsteps of the elephant.

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