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Cami thinks life with her boyfriend, Hunter Wilder, is perfect. Then she finds out, not only is he wrapped up in a gang whose specialty is stealing cars, he’s with another girl as well.

Hunter knows the gang leader, Ripper, is suspected of murder and he’ll do anything to keep Cami safe—even faking a relationship with someone else. There’s only one problem—Ripper’s fallen hard for Cami, leaving Hunter to stand by and watch as he puts the moves on his girl.

Both Cami and Hunter quickly learn it’s hard to watch the one you love in the arms of another. Will the two of them make it through this together? Or will their hot stolen kisses destroy everything?

June 22
Lacey Weatherford

Customer Reviews

Remiluxg ,


Fantastic plot twist and amazing turn of events when u least expect it. Can't wait for what awaits for them in love !!!!

Bivouacked ,

Can't wait to read LOVE

I actually cannot wait to read 'LOVE'… I though 'CRUSH' was amazing but now I'm really amazed at how talented Lacey really is, she deserves a Grammy or something for these books, I'm so hooked, I think I can actually read in my head and predict was is going to happen next when it comes to the books! Because Roberta showed up in 'SMITTEN' and I thought in my head that Cami is going to have to serve the car to make her stop pointing the gun on her… I give you a round of applause Lacey and you really do come very close to the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' books (which I also love). I'd didn't like reading before them and these books now so thank-you so much!!! 👏🏻🙊😃

Kerry<3<3 ,

AMAZING SERIES!!!! Must read

I read crush, love and smitten and I have just finished smitten, I loved these books, the story was amazing, wasn't just your usual romantic story it had so many different twists, I total fell in love with Cami + Dylan/Hunter and the love they both shared with each other.. I thought this was amazing and definitely a credit to the author, about to start reading smoulder too and I'm sure I'll love that too, looking forward to more books from this author.. I pups definitely recommend this to anyone ☺️

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