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Tom Byer is recognized by his soccer peers, the AFC, numerous national Soccer Federations, major soccer sponsor brands, international media and the countless number of young soccer players he has taught and inspired over the last 24 years, as the World's leading grassroots technical coach.

Even though Tom has been teaching soccer to children for over two decades, it wasn't until he had two children of his own that he understood he'd been missing something. And he realized that it wasn't just him, but the soccer world in general that was ignoring soccer’s youngest age bracket.

Can you teach Soccer skills to a 2-year-old? Tom decided to find out with his own two sons. He documented and videoed their progress and using this practical experience helped to develop Tom's philosophy, which was previously based on his countless hours of coaching other people's children with more traditional methods.

This book makes Tom's philosophy available to all parents in a simple and straightforward way. It also reaches into cutting edge child development theory which explains the benefits of utilizing Tom's methodology to not just improve technical soccer skills, but also to assist in the development of a young child's brain.

This book explains how you can teach very young children the skills required to be a Soccer player in a fun and self-motivating way - and anybody can do it. You don't need to be a professional coach like Tom; you just need to be a parent.

It's not about coaching and coaches; it's about using a parent's love for their children and a child's need for parental approval to ignite the child's interest, and eventually love for the game. In ’Soccer Starts at Home,' Tom Byer is sending a message to the world of soccer. If you think there's nothing new to be learned in the sport, think again.

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April 25

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