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This book is intended for adults only.

Lately, Ryan has noticed a change in his wife. Jennifer complains all the time, and nothing he does is good enough for her. Even when he buys her a day at the spa, she finds reasons to look down on his gift.

But when she gets there, and an airheaded bimbo gives her a massage, Jennifer starts to enjoy herself. The masseuse uses a special cream on her, working it into her back, her legs, even her breasts.

And the next morning, Jennifer starts to notice certain changes. Her breasts get larger, her hair becomes lighter, and she suddenly feels an insatiable need for sex. Immediately, she thinks she's going to be able to control her husband with sex. Not this time.

When Ran takes her into their bed, he has no problem telling her what to do. In fact, he makes her beg for the privilege of servicing him. He's going to use her, and Jennifer is too desperate to argue. Helpless against the waves of desire crashing down on her, Jennifer lets him do whatever he wants. More importantly, she pleads for the privilege of being used.

The next day, Jennifer wakes up to a different desire. Now, she wants another massage. She craves another session with one of those bimbos at the salon. Of course, if she yields to this temptation, her body might change again. If she isn't careful, she might just end up her husband's permanent bimbo slave. How many sessions will she enjoy before there’s no going back?

Soft and Easy is all about Jennifer, a bratty wife who is transformed into an eager bimbo. This story features intense bondage, body modification, some brainwashing, and lots of sex.

Fiction & Literature
December 16

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