Solar Rift : 2120

A SciFi and Cyberpunk Thriller

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Publisher Description

The future begins here...

"I've already read this twice! I read rapidly the first time because my heart was in my mouth regarding the fate of all these characters." - Customer Review

Solar Rift : 2120 tells two thrilling and interconnected tales of realistic science-fiction and cyberpunk espionage, set in the asteroid belt and on Earth a century into the future.

"...The book has superb tension,... illuminating a world so complex, rich, and detailed that you only ever want to catch more glimpses of it." - Customer Review

On Earth, the private investigator and infiltration expert, Raz Kadir, and his business partner, the flamboyant Japanese hacker Namazu, take a job for the up-and-coming Viator Engineering and Logistics company. With their first job ending up as a bumpy ride, things start spiraling out of control when they’re asked to blur the boundaries of legality and morality. Before long, the pair are lost in the murky and deadly world of inter-corporate warfare and need to use all of their cunning in order to keep their freedom.

In the asteroid belt beyond Mars, pilot and navigator Zarina Verma and her two fellow crew-mates are coming to the end of their two-year tour of duty. Responding to problems that automated droneships fail to take care of, the crew encounters a destroyed mining station belonging to their employers, the TKR Corporation. As the mystery unfolds, the mission not only begins to strain their friendship but tests their mettle against an ever-increasing threat.

"An excellent debut." - Customer Review

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
14 July
Steve Rivers