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'It grips you from the beginning and it's so hard to put down...fantastic and highly recommended' (5 stars) Netgalley reviewer

She gave away her children. Now she wants them back.

knows how it feels to desperately want a baby. As a child, seeing her mum devastated by losing her longed-for babies, Charlotte wished another woman could give her mother what she so craved.

Now Charlotte’s a mum herself, and knowing how much love her daughter, Alice, brings into her life, she vows to help others achieve their dreams of becoming a parent.

When she meets Malcolm and Brenda on a surrogacy website, it seems that she's found the perfect couple. In their late forties, they have wealth and a enviable life, but there’s just one thing missing – a child of their own.

When Charlotte falls pregnant with twins, the couple are overjoyed. And while Charlotte’s heart breaks as she hands them over, her reward is knowing how much happiness the two tiny babies are going to bring into their life.

But are Malcolm and Brenda all they seem? As secrets become unravelled, Charlotte is forced to face that she has handed her babies over to virtual strangers. And when Malcolm and Brenda disappear without a trace, Charlotte is plunged into a frantic search for the babies she carried – before it’s too late…

A gripping psychological thriller with a heart stopping ending – readers of The Girl on the Train, Rachel Abbott and C.L Taylor will not want to put this down…

Praise for Someone Else’s Baby:

‘Wow what a debut! This is a first class psychological thriller that will have you dropping everything… I was on the edge of my
seat the whole time
Once Upon A Book Blog

‘Once the action picks up, it doesn’t stop until the very end, and I was rapidly flipping the pages trying to find
out what was going to happen next!
’ (5 stars) (e) Book Nerd

This is a fast paced and tension packed psychological thriller…if you like a thriller with an emotion packed
plot then you will love this’ The Bookwormery

‘Boy, it is one hell of a read. I absolutely loved it…I couldn’t put the book down…I would definitely recommend this book to other readers’ (5 stars) Ginger Book Geek

'A story which hooked me from beginning to end...I couldn't remember ever being so excited by a book'
(5 stars) Netgalley reviewer

'Tense, heart stopping and completely gripping - Ruby Speechley is one to watch.' Angela Clarke, author of On My Life

'A thriller that will keep you guessing the entire time!...Ruby Speechley has a talent for writing and I cannot wait to read more!' (5 stars) Netgalley reviewer

‘Ruby Speechley weaves a page-turning tale about a compelling subject. Be prepared to sit up into the night to finish it!’ Kate Hamer, author of The Girl in the Red Coat

'What a fantastic debut thriller, loved every page, very well written and I couldn't put it down' (5 stars) Netgalley reviewer

'A gripping debut on a fascinating subject - compulsive, emotional and thought-provoking.' Roz Watkins, author of Dead Man's Daughter

'The storyline is moving and compelling - it kept me turning the pages late into the night. A pacy yet emotional psychological thriller with an unexpected and deeply satisfying ending.' Susan Elliot-Wright, author of The Flight of Cornelia Blackwood

'I loved this enthralling psychological thriller...A great debut read and I look forward to reading more from this author' (5 stars) Netgalley reviewer

'A suspenseful tale which kept me reading until the not-so-early morning hours...I devoured it in a single sitting' Netgalley reviewer

Crime & Thrillers
25 July

Customer Reviews

ThalyaT ,


Some books just do it for you! For me this is one of those. It is such a wonderful narrative! It is an everyday tale, something that could happen to you or me, our next door neighbour or indeed anyone we know. Charlotte and her husband are just an ordinary couple who decide to do something extraordinary so that another less fortunate couple can share in the happiness and joy they have experienced with Alice.

Things don't go to plan and the emotional roller coaster develops apace gripping the reader and making this a page turner. I found myself to be there with then all along, feeling their emotions and hoping for a good outcome.

Not a lot is known about surrogacy. It is not a subject that is discussed everyday unless something goes wrong and hits the headlines. In this book Ruby Speechley took the subject to another level and exposed a frightening avenue that surrogate babies can go down.

The story, reactions and emotions are so realistic that at the end of the book I found myself wondering what will the Government now do to make sure this does not happen again. This feeling of 'something must be done now' speaks to the high level of the writer's research and craftsmanship.

A wonderful debut and I'm looking forward to Ruby Speechley's next offerings.

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