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He was known as Eidolon - in Ancient Greek literature the name means an apparition, phantom, ghost. It is the name given to the world's most feared assassin. No-one knows who he is, where he comes from, what he looks like or even how to contact him.
Until now.

John King has lived in the shadows for a decade. No-one can find him because he has no history. Not one that could be traced anyway. He was just a normal person who chose the life he led. No government or military background to discover. He chose his own targets and always staying off the radar. He was a nobody that had a very unique skill set. That's why he became known as Eidolon.
He was a nobody.
But all that has now changed.
Someone wants Eidolon dead.
The truth was that many people want him dead, but someone has found him and now the hunter has become the hunted.
Suddenly, the loner is no longer alone. He has to rely on others for help. He has a woman he is now responsible for and feelings for her threaten his impenetrable barriers. He's left reeling by the changes. He's no longer in control and everywhere he goes someone is out to kill him to claim the $10million ransom that's now on his head.
There is only one thing he can do. Take back control and become the hunter again......

Crime & Thrillers
March 10
Lee Ness

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