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Lauded by fellow authors, a five star 'SFX recommends' title, adored by the bloggers, Mark Alder's debut novel of angels, demons, kings and the Hundred Years War marks the beginning of a hugely exciting new series.

Edward III stands in a burnt English church, destroyed in a French raid. A raid on his land, a raid on him. He is in debt and surrounded by doubters, only victory against France will save his throne.

But Philip of Valois can put 50,000 men in the field. He has sent his priests to summon the very angels themselves to fight for France. Edward could call on God for aid but he is a usurper. What if God truly is on the side of the French?

But for a price, Edward could open the gates of Hell and take an unholy war to France ...

Mark Alder has brought the epic fantasy of George R.R. Martin to the vivid historical adventure of Bernard Cornwell and has a created a fantasy that will sweep you to a new vision of the Hundred Years War.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 17

Customer Reviews

3Lg4rd ,

Son of the Morning

Mark Alder has created a highly inventive, dramatic, humorous and unique tale based around actual historical events and characters. His unique viewpoint has delivered to an enthusiastic readership (at least I'm enthusiastic about the novel and the subsequent companion volumes in the series!) a compelling tale of historical fact wrapped up with inventive use of religion, folk lore, humour, magic, and the demonic hordes of the seven levels of hell unleashed across every page in a highly engrossing and entertaining style, I await the second volume impatiently!

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