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I carry three burdens most frequently on my heart. One of them is soul-winning. The other two are prayer and spiritual leadership. As I seek God, hear from God, read what others have written and preached, I write down for myself the key thoughts that come to my heart and through my heart. In this book, I want to share with you what came on my heart as I followed God speaking to me and speaking through me.

In my Bible I have written the following on the unoccupied front pages, about soul-winning:
The minimum condition for satisfying God’s heart is a man’s all surrendered irrevocably and irreversibly to the Lord God Almighty.

The Holy Spirit must possess me entirely, if I am to be entirely pleasing to God in all things, at all times and for all time.

The one and only reason why the Lord Jesus did not take me to heaven the day I believed was that I should stay here on earth, win the lost to Him and make disciples of all nations.
… So that all nations might believe and obey Him (Romans 10 : 26b).
… The Gospel is to be proclaimed to every creature under heaven (Colossians 1 : 23).
Jesus Christ, You are my Saviour, my Lord and my Life. I will live exclusively for You. I give You my spirit, my soul and my body totally, and irrevocably. I give you my all as it is possible to give now and I will give you my all every day in the future as it will be possible to give. You are now my only Possession. You are now my only Pursuit. You are now my only Reason for living. 7.20 am. 21/03/03.

Jesus said that we must take the Gospel into every country. If any of them resists - through the police, army, culture or even another religion - we have the commission to go, regardless. (Brother Andrew, God’s Smuggler).

These are determinant thoughts for me. I think of the souls of men – how they will fare on Judgment Day and what must be done to rescue the largest number, in the shortest possible time, from going to hell. Is the eternal destiny of those for whom Christ died the prior thoughts of your life? I am in an itinerant ministry of evangelism, soul-winning, church-planting, prayer and leadership. Come with me along my journeys and share my thoughts on winning the lost and, by the grace of God, you will be blessed.

This is the second volume of a series in which I will be sharing these thoughts with you as we learn and grow.

May our God bless you exceedingly.
Your co-soul-winner,

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10 June
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