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Spark Up Your Sex Life For Couples
Have you lost interest in your Sex Life?
Is sex with your partner boring or monotonous?
Well it's time you treated yourselves to a Sex Enhancement program that will get you results that sizzle and give you the loving relationship that you deserve.
Here is your “'How To” guide for couples who want to spice up your sex life!
A guide for couples who want to drive each other sexually wild - in bed and out.
This book in the Sensational Sex Series by Dr Janet Hall, Clinical Psychologist and Sex Therapist, could super-boost your relationship and sensationalise your love-life so that you have a perpetual smile on your face (and no-one else knows why).
You will:
Learn to avoid the stresses which limit sex.
Avoid the most common excuses people use to get out of sex.
Get lots of provocative and pleasurable ways to keep your love life sizzling.
This book begins by describing the boredom trap that couples can fall into and the causes for this, as well as allowing for the genuine and unfortunately common obstacles to consistently sensational sex which most couples can encounter.
It continues with all sorts of novel ideas for keeping the excitement in your sex-life which you will enjoy hearing about and be challenged to put into action.
By the way, some couples may be very deep into anger and resentments about their relationship in general or their sexual conflicts and these folk are best counselled to read the book or listen first to Jan's audio recording in this series entitled, “Solving Sex-Drive Conflicts”.
You may also benefit from reading or listening to Dr Janet Hall's audio recordings on using “Seductive Sexual Fantasies” to keep the sexual fires burning.
So, if you're serious about wanting to spark up your sex life then you need to get a copy of "How To Spark Up Your Sex Life” right now!
This is one of a series of audios on sexual topics presented by Dr Janet Hall called: “Dr Janet Hall’s Sensational Sex Series”.
Dr Janet Hall is a Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker and Media Consultant.
Dr Jan authored 29 books on parenting, sex and relationships and hypnosis and recorded over fifty-two audio-recordings, many of them including hypnotic material. She founded Richmond Hill Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.

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5 November
Janet Hall

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