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This follow-up to the Puerto Rican Spanish bestseller, Speaking Boricua, collects the unique Puerto Rican sayings that are passed down from generation to generation. Whether you are looking to share your life's wisdom with Island friends, trying to get a chuckle from colleagues or just want to better understand Puerto Ricans, Speaking Phrases Boricua offers both English and Spanish versions for these wisdoms.

Hundreds of them are translated literally into English, explained and, when available, paired with an English equivalent. Here are a few samples:

· In English something extremely white may be said to be as paler as snow, in Puerto Rican Spanish you can say whiter than a nun's butt-cheek, or más jincho que nalga de monja.

· La gallina vieja da buen caldo, or the old hen makes good broth is a form of saying that a woman's older age does not mean she has lost her touch.

· In English you say make a mountain out of a mole hill, to blow something out of proportion. The Puerto Rican equivalent is ahogarse en un vaso de agua, or to drown in a glass of water.
Speaking Phrases Boricua continues the tradition of Speaking Boricua by using humor to illustrate phrases and their meanings. There is even an index of English sayings with Puerto Rican equivalents.
This book will bring you even closer to understanding Puerto Rican vocabulary and phrases for your conversations as you become more fluent in Puerto Rican Spanish.

IS THIS BOOK FOR ME? This bilingual book contains words that are not appropriate for kids. If you are just starting to learn Spanish, this book is best used as a complementary reference source to any program or class designed to teach you Spanish. This book and the other books of the Speaking Latino series are not designed as stand-alone learning aids, to teach you Spanish. Instead, they expand your country-specific Spanish vocabulary. If you already speak Spanish, this book help you understand local Spanish from Puerto Rico.

Be sure to download a sample to see what this book will and will not teach.

12 September
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