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Cal "Spectre" Martin is out of the military, but that doesn't mean he's out from behind enemy lines. In a techno thriller that launches the military/political espionage SPECTRE series, C.W. Lemoine explores just how far a fighter pilot will go to protect the ones he loves.

After a combat incident in Iraq, Cal "Spectre" Martin was grounded and told he would never fly an F-16 again. Years later, he has started a new civilian life with his F-16 pilot fiancée, still haunted by the nightmares of his last deployment.

But when she goes missing on a routine training mission off the South Florida coast, Spectre unwillingly finds himself thrust back onto the frontlines of the war on terror - this time, not in the skies over Iraq, but on the streets of Miami.

While searching for answers, Spectre uncovers a deadly international conspiracy that shakes his beliefs to the core and threatens national security. The stakes have never been higher as Spectre rises to overcome his inner demons, challenge his friendships, and take to the skies once again in a daring final mission.

Includes a sneak preview of AVOID. NEGOTIATE. KILL. – book two of the SPECTRE Series.

Crime & Thrillers
September 16
Mover Media LLC

Customer Reviews

garden ,

Spectre Rising

Good story, but too much technical descriptions of aircraft jargon etc ,which spoils it a bit for me.

Shanef1973 ,

Great first book.

Excellent book - really enjoyed it. I read this and the next book within 2 days.

I’ve got books 1-4, and will work through the whole series.

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