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For hundreds of years the Guardians ruled the Hundred, but these unearthly beings have faded from human sight and no longer exert their will on the world. Only the reeves, patrolling from the skies, still represent the Guardians' power. But there is a corruption in the land that not even they can control, and fanatics are devastating villages, towns, and cities, slaughtering all who oppose them.

Outlanders Anji and Mai are fleeing their homeland with a company of dedicated warriors. On reaching the Hundred, they form an alliance with Reeve Joss, and determine to stand against the devouring horde. But, as region after region slips into chaos, a young woman sworn to the Goddess may be all that keeps them from annihilation . . .

A haunting tale of individuals swept up by the chaos of war, this is fantasy adventure at its best - rich in texture, filled with colour and excitement.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 1
Little, Brown Book Group

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Irish Medic ,

Spirit Gate - Kate Elliott

I took a chance on "Spirit Gate" when I saw it in the bookstore. I had read nothing of Kate Elliott’s before and I had become tired of this genre of book with predictable characters and plots.

I am so glad that I took the risk and bought Spirit Gate - in fact I have bought all three of the “Gate” series. They are a breath of fresh air. The book’s contain strong, well constructed female and male characters rich in plot development and emotional attachment - in fact some of the lead female characters are complete scene stealers!

The plot itself starts a little slow during the initial character development but soon picks up pace as Kate Elliott brings you on a journey across different lands and cultures. Yes - there are some elements of “the little taking on the mighty” that we have seen in other books but Kate Elliott crafts it in such a way that the books feel original, captivating and a delight to read.

I urge all to read these books - you wont be disappointed.

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