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An enemy so intractable that it cannot be reasoned with. The entire race thinks with one mind and strives toward one purpose: to add our biological distinctiveness to their own and wipe out individuality, to make every living thing Borg.

In over two centuries, the Federation has never encountered a greater threat. Twice Starfleet assembled and threw countless starships to stand against them. The Borg were stopped, the price paid in blood. Humanity breathed a sigh of relief, assuming it was safe. And with the destruction of the transwarp conduits, the Federation believed that the killing blow had finally been struck against the Borg.

Driven to the point of extinction, the Borg continue to fight for their very existence, for their culture. They will not be denied. They must not be stopped. The old rules and assumptions regarding how the Collective should act have been dismissed. Now the Borg kill first, assimilate later.

When the Enterprise manages to thwart them once again, the Borg turn inward. The dark places that even the drones never realized existed are turned outward against the enemy they have never been able to defeat. What is revealed is the thing that no one believed the Borg could do.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 30
Pocket Books/Star Trek

Customer Reviews

Abwales ,

Very enjoyable

A very enjoyable read with excitement and humour.

If I had a criticism it would be that I got slightly lost in the earlier chapters but all did become clear later.

Recommended for any Star Trek fan.

Richstokes_129 ,

Takes sci-fi and the Borg to a brand new level!

The destiny story line is a epic series that brings an end to the Borg while explaining exactly where they come from (a must read!). Books such as this fills in a lot of the blanks or notes that are only brief from that story line.

If you love books where they combine characters from other series and use plots and references from other books then you'll love this.

Above all, it takes sci-fi and the Borg to a brand new level!

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