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Welcome to Odnnol, that roguish, rakish, rambunctious place. If you want the full, authentic Odnnol Experience, then look no further. What more splendid adventures could you expect than encountering one of the jovial locals who would happily fleece you of your wallet and all of your wares as soon as look at you, and then expect thanking for the very favour? Why not promenade down one of our quaint, quirky cobbled streets, replete with vagrants, drunks, guttersnipes and thugs, all regaling you with their tales of woe, and out to make a quick bob in the process? Wander through the commercial districts, resplendent with the latest steam-operated mod cons, bedecked with brass bolts and balustrades, gleaming in the gloaming. Then there are the industrial quarters; large, barren wastelands of immense factories scourging the desolate area, puffing smoke into the smoggy sky and billowing bilge into nearby rivulets. By way of relaxation, you can explore the delights and denizens of the laudanum dens, see vituperate vaudeville and incendiary cabaret at the music halls, or take a spin on a pair of steam roller-skates around one of our many public parks and thoroughfares. A more wanton, wayward place you would be hard-pressed to find. Almost as hard-pressed as if you had fallen into a Patent Steam-Powered Automated Trouser Press. And yet, the city is joyful and jubilant with life, teeming with expressions of ecstasy and delinquent delights. What you will find, well, you can decide for yourself, but you will hopefully discover something that piques your curiosity and gives you cause for wonder, even if it is just a Patent Steam-Powered Automated Trouser Press. (They are quite fascinating, if you ask me!) Seriously silly steampunk fun! Enjoy the trip!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 26
Tom Laimer-Read

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