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A collection of three steamy romance novelettes set in and around the town of Steamy Springs, a Colorado spa resort.

The Steamy Springs books are a series of steamy romance books, with a touch of suspense, and a measure of snarky humor.

The collection includes:

Hot water:
Katherine Chase has just built her dream hotel, high in the Rockies. A scion of the rich Chase family, she has a lot to live up to. As Katherine and her architect, Richard Ford, prepare for the opening of "The Spa in the Clouds", they discover it's not just the hotel that requires their love and attention, it's also each other. However, they are not alone.

Unlawful Entry:
Jessica Chase is back in Steamy Springs for the summer break, and her vacation plans don't involve idling by the pool. She likes more dangerous pursuits, and it'll take Caleb Blake - a serious admirer of hers at high school, and now detective - to calm her down whilst heating her up.

Fertility Rites:
With light duties, and plenty of free time to work on his sculptures, Artist, Nic Cabrini, agrees to look after Eagle Creek Lodge - conference center and mountain hideaway for the academics of an elite New England liberal arts college.
He's not going to feel lonely with Elsa Morales, the newly hired housekeeper, for company. And, with the place to themselves, it's not only the creepy old house they get to explore.
However, things start to get real strange when the conference starts, and the two of them begin to wonder what they have got themselves into.

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