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The Stone Order is under attack. Wrathful gods are closing in. Unlikely allies Petra and Jasper may be Faerie’s only hope.

After her victory in the battle of champions, Petra thought she was a step closer to freedom from her sovereign and the politics of Faerie. But when she and Jasper, son of the enemy king, are sent on a mission together, she learns the shocking truth of her own bloodline and gets drawn even deeper into Fae struggles. To complicate matters, Petra can no longer deny her feelings for Jasper.

But there’s little time for exploring the new romance. Petra and Jasper discover the rumors are true--the Fae gods who left Faerie in the hands of High King Oberon generations ago are preparing to return, and they’re planning to raze their former realm. But the High King is nowhere to be found. In the chaos of Oberon's absence, Petra’s people are left vulnerable to foreign invaders who would seize the stone fortress.

The time for diplomacy is past. Petra must find a way to protect herself, her vulnerable changeling twin sister, and her people before the angry gods close in.

Find out what fate awaits Petra, Jasper, and Faerie in STONE BLOOD LEGACY, the continuation of the new urban fantasy series for fans of Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, and Jim Butcher.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 8
Jayne Faith

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