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Dr Max Pemberton used to describe himself as ‘in love with smoking’. Ironically, he was doctor specialised in addiction but found it impossible to quit – until he found CBT.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is now widely recognised as the most effective treatment for overcoming addicting. Stop Smoking with CBT draws explicitly on this set of mind-training tools to help you stop smoking once and for all.

Dr Pemberton guides you through the process of quitting through his addiction expertise and his experience as a smoker wanting to quit, and helps you avoid the common pitfalls that new ex-smokers encounter. His method will:
- Stop nicotine cravings
- Transform how you think about smoking
- Make your desire to smoke simply melt away

With Dr Pemberton’s proven approach, you won’t worry about gaining weight or staying calm without cigarettes. You will train your brain to live without smoking once and for all. Most importantly, you’ll discover that stopping smoking is one of the most exciting and exhilarating things that you can do!

Dr Max Pemberton has spent many years working with people to overcome addiction. He’s also a bestselling author of Trust Me, I’m a Junior Doctor and a prolific writer in the areas of healthcare, ethics, culture and the NHS, with a regular column in The Daily Mail.

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1 January
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Customer Reviews

SurBigglesworth ,


Excellent book. A warning though to past readers of Allen Carr. You will note many similarities with the two books. To the extent you will suspect plagiarism. That is not the case however.

It is that both men have hit on the best and only method to quit that similarities are bound to appear.

Having read both I would recommend this over Allen. But by all means read both. I believe this is the book that Mr Carr would have written if he were a doctor and had medical training. The CBT elements are very useful. As someone with a more scientific leaning I found this book better of the two. It's technical explanations of what's going on in the mind were very revealing. Highly recommend.

Cornishie ,

It's alright!

I'll keep it brief,

I've just finished Max's book. It's ok, there isn't really anything that you wouldn't expect. It's a positive book with plenty of exercises which you can go away and think about. I am not sure about the CBT part of this book. I've used CBT before and maybe I'm just not understanding it but it seems like focusing on positive things in the past and projecting them in the future whist really concentrating on you're senses.

All in all, nice to have a bit of humour, easy to read and positive. Just what you would expect.