Stop Yelling: Nine Steps To Calmer Happier Parenting Stop Yelling: Nine Steps To Calmer Happier Parenting

Stop Yelling: Nine Steps To Calmer Happier Parenting

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Do you sometimes feel stressed and frustrated with your kids and end up yelling at them?
- Wish you knew a calmer, better way of handling tantrums, meltdowns and arguments without losing your cool?
- Are you constantly feeling guilty, overwhelmed as a parent and upset at yourself for shouting at your kids and situations getting worse instead of better?

If you are a loving parent but know you can do better and want:
✓ A calmer, happier you!
✓ More connection with your family
✓ Calmer children who feel more okay in themselves
✓ A greater sense of confidence that you can be the parent you want to be
✓ A calmer, happier home!
Then Stop Yelling – 9 Steps to Calmer, Happier Parenting is for you.

In this short practical book you will discover a simple and wise method to help you free yourself from unhelpful parenting behaviours! Stop feeling like a bad parent. Here’s the help you need outlined in 9 clearly-instructed steps that can change how you parent forever! Imagine no longer reacting in a way that lessens the love between you and your children.

You will want to read this book if you are:
•a stay-at-home parent who sometimes feels overwhelmed
•an employed parent or an entrepreneur struggling to balance work and home life
•expecting (or have) a baby and want to discover how to be the parent you want to be
•feeling stressed about working with / or caring for other people’s children

You will discover:
•9 practical steps to become a calmer, happier parent
•how to ensure Frustration or Anxiety aren’t in the driving seat
•how to put Frustration and Anxiety in the back seat and retake control
•how to recalibrate your own parenting behaviour
•how to chart your progress
•how to move from upset to reconnection to create a happier relationship with your child
•the importance of side-stepping the power struggle with your child
•how to create win-win solutions for a happier, more co-operative family
•how to quit the yelling habit once for all
•and much, much more

This book is an ideal read for parents (and grandparents!) of children aged 2 – 10 years, who are looking for parenting strategies that work. Do you want help to stop yelling and want to know how to stay calm, even when kids are fighting all the time or misbehaving? This book contains expert advice from someone with both the hands-on experience as well as the professional training to offer practical parenting solutions and easy-to-apply Mindful Parenting that can benefit your whole family.
For parents of children aged 2–10 years, buy this book now if you want to know how to stop yelling once and for all and start connecting with your children.

21 May
Val Mullally

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