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A collection of 23 short stories, most of which fall under the horror genre.

Sharp Teeth - A woman is taken captive by a crazed killer. But she has a secret that her captor will soon learn.

Jake - A young boys life is turned upside down one day when his friend asks him a strange question: "Want to see a dead body?"

Meager Rations - A plane crashes on a small, deserted island. Three friends are the only survivors. Problem is, they have no food. What lengths will they go to to live?

The Wishing Man - Frank comes upon a tent at the edge of a carnival. In the tent he finds a strange man who promises to grant him three wishes. Can Frank pay the price?

All You Need is a Linebacker - One of the stories that fall outside the horror genre. An alternate history story written in the form of a newspaper article on the 25th anniversary of the attempted assassination of John Lennon.

The Girl in the Cell - Something terrible happens to Karen's family, but no one believes her about the dark presence that is responsible. Her jailhouse guards will learn, however, that there is something awful lurking near, and it is hungry.

A Good Man - A Vietnam veteran is haunted (in more ways than one) by a terrible event that took place during the war.

Last Year's Model - A lonely, discarded robot spends his days searching a massive junkyard for castoffs just like him.

They Are the Darkness - Steve Hill begins a terrifying journey after receiving a strange letter from his estranged daughter that contains only these words: "They are the darkness".

Read these stories and more in this collection.

Fiction & Literature
June 3
Mike Ramon

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