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This book is Volume I-10 of the series of readers of Million-Word Reading Project (MWRP). It is suitable for readers with a basic vocabulary of 1,500 words.
Million-Word Reading Project (MWRP) is a project in which ESL/EFL learners at elementary level (with a basic vocabulary of 1,500 words) are expected to read one million words within two or three years, and reach upper-intermediate level (with a vocabulary of about 3,500 words). This project contains about 40 simplified readers, enough for an ESL/EFL learner to read for two years, and this list is growing.

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Readability || 87.3
Total word count || 21779
Words beyond 1500 || 1353
Headwords beyond 1500 || 568
Unknown word percentage (%) || 6.21
Unknown headword percentage (%) || 2.61
Unknown headword occurrence || 2.38
Unknown words that occur 5 times or more || 56
Unknown words that occur 2 times or more || 241

Nasreddin is believed to have lived and died during the 13th century in Turkey. He was very clever and had a good sense of humour. He was also called Hodja, which is a title given to a scholar or very educated person. He is one of the most loved and celebrated personalities of Turkey.
Stories about Nasreddin are known throughout the Middle East and have touched cultures around the world. There are thousands of stories about Nasreddin, and in these stories, Nasreddin is always clever, sometimes wise, and sometimes even foolish. These stories are generally humorous, but there is always a lesson to be learned.
Nasreddin is known by different names in different countries. In China, where stories of him are well known, he is known as Āfántí or Āfāngtí and is believed to have come from Xinjiang.

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December 19
Qiliang Feng

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