Striking a Chord: MMF Menage Romance

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Publisher Description

Her luck is about to change forever...

Hailey hasn't had much luck in her life. Not with her art career. Certainly not with those past, deadbeat boyfriends from her small town outside Nashville. Or with her deadbeat brother, fresh out of prison. But a big country music gig is in town, and after finishing a long shift at the hotel she sees Travis, her brother's best friend from high school. Only now Travis is a red-hot country music star. She had a major crush on Travis for years, and he's even more irresistible now. But she's thrown for a loop when Asher, Travis's music partner and lover, arrives. Travis is bi? She had no idea. Yet she can't deny the chemistry between the three of them is scorching hot. And when she's drawn into a threesome, she finds pleasure and passion far beyond anything she's ever imagined. It looks like her luck might finally be about to change…

Travis is a country music sensation, a success story from the down-and-out town where he grew up with Hailey. He might be madly in love with Asher, but when the beautiful, curvy Hailey appears back in his life, she sparks all his old feelings into a raging fire. But things are complicated. Back then, he never let Hailey know how he felt about her after being driven off by her violent older brother—his one-time friend. Hailey's brother even assaulted him when he learned of Travis's love with Asher, an attack that put her brother behind bars. As Travis’s feelings for her intensify, he's tormented by worries that she'll find out the truth about her brother and blame Travis for sending him to prison...

Asher comes from old money. He has the style and the swagger, but he's mostly interested in playing songs with Travis and running their wildly successful music business. They are rich beyond imagining and happy together, but when Hailey bursts into their life, it's soon clear their love will not be complete without her. He comes from a family that disapproves of who and what he is, so he isn't about to let Hailey's bigoted brother or Travis's fears destroy their budding relationship. But when Hailey's brother finds out she’s involved with Travis and Asher, those past secrets return to threaten the love building between the three of them. 

Reader note: contains MMF ménage, hot romance elements, and male male love. A complete, stand-alone story with a happily ever after

13 February
Etopia Press

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