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Strongmen rule over some of the most populous and powerful nations on earth. China, India, Russia and Turkey are all headed by figures who combine populist appeal with authoritarian policies. To that list could be added Hungary, the Philippines, Egypt, and North Korea - and even America. As they have risen to the top, these leaders have reshaped their countries around them, creating cults of personality which earn the loyalty of millions.

But who are these figures, and why do they hold such appeal for us? Here, Professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat argues that we should see strongmen not simply as political figures, but also in the context of their cultures and societies. Drawing on analysis of everything from gender and sexuality to art and architecture, Ben-Ghiat reveals both how strongmen are shaped and promoted by our own history and desires, and why we fall for their promises.

As political upheavals in recent years have stirred up the spectre of fascism and Nazism, we seem to have learnt little from our mistakes - and in danger of following the same paths again. Strongmen is an authoritative and deeply knowledgeable analysis of the greatest political development of our times.

March 5

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