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A fun, flirty enemies-to-lovers rom com complete with a male nanny, four adorable kids, and a woman who's decided that true love is something that happens to other people.  


My life hasn't exactly been a bed of roses, but getting flooded out of my grotty little basement apartment has been the last straw. Well, the second to last straw. The last straw was my brother and his wife running off to Spain for a second honeymoon and leaving me alone in their house with their four adorable children and Timo, the wonder-manny.

Timo, the wonder-manny, is every bit as terrific as my sister-in-law Camille claimed him to be. He's kind, he's intelligent, and he's great with kids. He's also not bad to look at, although Camille left out that last part.

The problem? Timo, the wonder-manny, hates me. Apparently, I personify everything he thinks is wrong with Modern Woman, which seems to be just about everything.


If you'd told me five years ago that I'd be a nanny to four kids under the age of six, I would never have believed it. I was a highflyer back then.

Until I fell.

But now my life's getting back on track. I'm a new man, and the new and improved me doesn't get involved with party girls.

Unfortunately, my employers have gone off to Spain on their second honeymoon and left me to look after their four kids and one homeless party girl who threatens to wreck my resolution.

What resolution? I've determined to avoid, at all costs, the kind of woman who gets drunk and hits on strange men.

Unfortunately, I'm the strange man who's caught this party girl's eye, and there's no avoiding her when she's sleeping in the room next door.   

November 29
Red Cat Rom Coms

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